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July 26, 2014

We have using July to find the setup on the car. We have been aggressive in trying quite a bit of things to see what will work and the things that simply will not work. We have found some things in the entry and middle but lost on the exit. We put different shocks packages and spring combinations and put our rear bite from one end to another. We have tried a pull bar, lift bar and anything else we can do to get the car consistent. We are about there to lock down on a setup and use the rest of the year to make very small changes to get that setup as fast as possible. We just refuse to put the car in a dire situation if it is not handling right. These cars are too expensive and we do not want to tear our equipment up or anyone else for that matter. Most of the racers that we race up here have tons of experience and we are trying to make up ground. This weekend was kind of a lost weekend. The officials put a lot of water on the track in anticipation of the heat the area was getting. It made the track a bit weird. It was slick in spots, slimy in spots and had good traction in spots. The heat race did not dry out as expected and we had the wrong gear in and the car was lugging and we were in the way. After that the rains came and that was all she wrote. We will probably have a double feature next weekend and then the Tuesday big show. We are not sure if we are making the Tuesday race due to some scheduling conflicts. We hope everyone is hanging with us and be patient. This racing deal can be a bit frustrating.

We would like to think #55 Cory Mahder for his help along with #40 Kevin Adams. They have been real gracious in helping us figure out these different setups.

July 3, 2014

We brought the car out with some expectations after the new setup produced better corner speeds but had a bit of trouble coming off. The changes to help the forward bite was suppose to get the car better. Well, that did not happen. We actually went backwards and made a few too many changes. Something caused the car to only pull on the right rear. We were pretty disappointed with the car in the make up feature. We tried a few adjustments and the heat race was not better, the car was just not handling. We husttled to the B-Main and with the help of Cory Mader of the 55 car, they made some changes while I was in the car. At the line up, the track decided to take a break and pop the fireworks. We decided to pop the cork and load the car and go home. The car was not right and the only thing we were going to do was either damage the car or damage someone elses and these cars are too expensive for that. So back to the drawing board and see if we can find where we made the mistakes in the setup.

We are taking a few weeks off to enjoy the summer up here in Wisconsin. Maybe a fresh start is what we need. We are going to roll out the bikes, motorcycle, kayaks, boat and anything else we can think of to enjoy this nice 70 degree weather. This racing stuff gets very frustrating when you do not see the results of all the hard work you put in.

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