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April 20, 2015

The Season kicked off this last weekend at Rice Lake. We had hoped for a strong start, but it was kind of a mixed bag. The track put on new clay this year and it will take time for the track to come together. As the night progressed, the track started to come apart in both turns. The new clay has become a bit sandy and large ruts appeared in a few spots in both corners. Unfortunatley, when the track is rough, it is very difficult to race with cars hopping around and having to run in different areas on the track to avoid the bad areas. With that said, everyone had the same issues. I just don't do well in rough driving conditions. The more experienced drives have a large adavantage and it was evident Saturday night. We finished 4th in our heat and 15th in the feature. The best news is that the car came home mostly in tact. The driver is a bit sore, but we will be fine. We will have some better strategy if the track condition arises next week. The car is fast when we hit our marks, but the driver is not when we are all over the track.

March 20, 2015

We hope everyone had a great offseason. We are currently working on the car to get ready for the opening practice session at Rice Lake in April if the weather continues like it currently is. After having a promising August where we were able to finally able to see some improvement with the setup of the car, we are extremely excited in the upcoming season. We spent some dyno time with Kevin Stoa at KS Engineering to determine that the cam shaft was not what we wanted in our spec motor. The cam shaft was originally brought from Texas and we could not control tire spin coming off the corner so we have made a few adjustments and have a very strong engine curve for the upcoming season which should make the car faster with more bite off the corners. We changed to a pull bar in early August and after having long conversations with Kevin Adams over the winter, we decided to make another change to match what Kevin is doing with his car. It is hard to argue with the national champion. He has helped up a lot to get the setup figured out and get the car competitive and moving in the right direction. Probably the best thing we have done over the past year is to concentrate on only talking or listening to a few people. What works for someone may or may not work for you. That is a big item to learn as you setup your car. Radical changes or multiple changes can really screw you up and it is hard to go back and start over.

The graphics this year is pretty much the same. We are using all of our stock stuff and will have a new design next year. We have made a few changes to make the car look even better but for the most part it is the same color scheme. We will be looking at going to Superior and some other tracks this year. Rice Lake has done a good job of giving us some weekends off so that we can try other facilities a few times during the season. We will support Eagle Valley as much as we can and venture out as often as we can. Our ultimate goal if we are making the improvements that we anticipate is going to the Fall Jamboree at Deer Creek in the Fall. We look forward to getting the race season going and if you have a chance stop by and chat. Take Care.

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