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August 29, 2015

Sorry for the delay in posts, it has been a busy last few months. We have battled gremlins like you would not believe. After our incident, we found a bent rear end. Since then, it has been one thing after another. We fought sticking rear calipers for a couple of races. Then we chased a bad ignition for 3 nights thinking it was something in the setup. Then we had a broke right front shock and then last night after the first feature, we apparently started to lose our transmission. When the gremlins don't show up, we have been more competitive and the car is getting faster and faster. The issues that crop up time to time make it difficult and not a lot of fun to race. With that said, we are probably finished for the year. We may race this weekend depending on the transmission issues and the weather. On the bright side, we did finish 7th in points at Rice Lake Speedway. It was more of endurance than finish, but we raced the full schedule and that is something. As the season wore on, we were definately faster and shown a lot of improvement over the year. If we can get a car that is sound, we should not be chasing out tails as much next year. I posted last night video. Just click the you tube button.

We are looking at a few changes next year in getting a new chassis. We are working on exactly what we want to do. We have this Hughes for sale but are on the fence about keeping it as our backup in case something goes wrong. We appreciate everyone stopping by the trailer and the help of Cory Mahder and his dad in getting the car much better as the season went on. Take care and have a safe offseason.

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